Fortune tellers

How are the spells broken? (Part V)

-If spells do work, Elder, how can they be broken? -With repentance and confession.  That's why we must firstly locate the cause that made the spells work; the person must understand the error of his ways, repent and confess.  So…

Fortune tellers

Can the sorcerers do good deeds? (Part IV)

The devil can never do what is good -Elder, can a sorcerer cure a sick person? -A sorcerer? Curing a sick person?  If a person is being convulsed by a demon, the sorcerer can "cure" him, by... sending the demon…

Fortune tellers

Do sorcerers acquire some sort of information? (Part III)

-They are informed, by the devil, but they also tell many lies. But you yourselves should also pay attention in the refectory. You need to be in control of the situation, see what kind of people enter there, because among…