Ознака:Sunday of St. Gregory Palamas

Sermons of Bishop Parthenius

Co-suffering—the path to theosis

A homily given by His Grace Bishop Partenij of Antania on the Sunday of Gregory Palamas in Rajčica Monastery, March 20th in the year of Our Lord 2022. Download a sermon to your device Сечесни отци, Сепреподобни и преподобни браќа…

Sermons of Bishop Parthenius

The Logos became a flesh, so that the flesh could become a logos

Sermon of His Eminence, Bishop Parthenius of Antania, Abbot and Elder of the Bigorski Monastery, delivered on the Holy Liturgy on the Sunday of St. Gregory Palamas, in the chapel dedicated to him, in Rajchica, on the 28th of March…