ANNOUNCEMENT: Climbing to the top of Krchin – 2019

Dear faithful, The brothers and the sisters of the Bigorski Monastery and the Monastery in Rajcica, would like to inform you with great joy and at the same time invite you to be a part of an especially attractive event, which in every year attracts more and more mountain climbing enthusiasts – the climbing to the top of the mountain called Great Krchin.

Just like the previous year, our goal is to serve Liturgy on the top of Great Krchin, i.e. on the ruins of the old chirch dedicated to the Holy Transfiguration. You have the unique chance to attend the Holy Liturgy early in the morning and try to envision the heights from another perspective.

This year also, just like the previous time, for the sake of greater safety of the group, the Unit for Mountain rescue which functions as a part of the Red Cross organization in Ohrid would be present. Also, all of the alpine and mountain clubs which are going to participate, could help the event if they want to, by reporting their licensed mountain climbing leaders with an official license recognized by the proper institutions. The coordinator for all the leaders would be a monastery person.

The path is of moderate difficulty and takes around 4 hours. There would be short stops on the way in places with water springs, the last break would be somewhere on midway, near the first church.

Registration for the participation in the event is obligatory. That’s why we kindly ask you to confirm your presence , as well as the number of members and leaders from your club that are going to participate, to sister Euphemia (Mon. St. George the Triumphant, Rajchica) tel. No: +389 70 290 210 Gathering and starting time: 18th August 2019 (Sunday), 02:30 – 03: 00 AM. Arrival at the top early in the morning.

Place: the Bigorski Skete of the Holy Panslavic Enlighteners and Teachers Cyril And Methodius, above Bitushe village.

Returning: Organized return from the top of Great Krchin right after the Divine service. We would like to appeal to all the participants to be present for the common monastery lunch at the Bigorski Monastery, which is to be served at around 01 PM.

  1. Every participant is obliged to follow the rules and directions of the organizers and the leaders, otherwise he himself is responsible for all the negative consequences;
  2. The announced event is organized and the climbing would be in a group, led by the organizers and the leaders.
  3. The organizer and the leaders have the right to exclude a member before the beginning of the event if he or she doesn’t meet the requirements listed here and is not equipped properly for the climbing.
  4. Every participant could be excluded from the group due to an improper behavior.
  5. The organizer and the leaders reserve the right to last minute changes in the time schedule for the event depending on the weather condition and other possible technical impediments.

Gallery from last year’s event