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The Path of “Cherry Wood Cannonball” Through Bigorski

The readiness to sacrifice even one's own life in defense of our holy faith, our neighbors, and the Fatherland was one of the main traits of our God-loving and freedom-loving ancestors. The Gospel spirit of self-denial for the common good…


The Path of the “Cherry Wood Cannonball”

Traditionally, with dignity and gratitude, like every year, the Holy Bigorski Monastery commemorated the memory of the immortal Ilinden revolutionaries and all their spiritual kin by marking the legend of the "Cherry Wood Cannonball", a symbol of our nation's struggle…


This Year Again – “The Path of the Cherry Ball” at Bigorski

Traditionally, this year too, the Holy Monastery of Bigorski dignifiedly commemorated the memory of the legendary "Cherry Ball", a symbol of our people's struggle for freedom. A group of young patriots, organized by the association "The Path of the Cherry…