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No one can reach God without going through people first

We will find happiness when we secretly love all people. It is then that we will feel loved by everyone. No one can reach God without first going through people. Hence, let us love and sacrifice for all unconditionally, without…

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Humility is the Shortest Path to Salvation

He who possesses humility emulates Christ Himself. He never strays, judges, or boasts. Never desires power. Shuns human honors. Engages not in vain disputes of this world! Speaks not arrogantly and always welcomes advice from others. Avoids fine clothing, presenting…

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We have only one enemy – ourselves

Enemies and opponents in spiritual life do not exist. We have only one enemy, and that is  - ourselves. We suffer from one disease - our egoism. Fighting against egoism, slowly we build an atmosphere of humbleness within us. Egoism…