Ознака:Епископ Никифор Аморејски

Services and Sacraments

(Video) The Assembly of Love in Christ in Honor of St. Parthenios and the Name Day of the Elder

What is it that can compel people to traverse miles upon miles, coming from all directions, to gather for a communal celebration? Nothing other than love. Only love, as a response to the love emanating from a fatherly heart. Thus,…

Sermons of Bishop Parthenius

Byzantinism: A Living Saga of Orthodox Culture, Beauty, and Identity

Sermon by His Grace Bishop Partenij of Antania, Abbot of the Holy Bigorski Monastery, delivered at the Vespers service in honor of Saint Parthenius of Lampsacus, the Wonderworker, on February 19, 2024, Anno Domini Your Grace, our beloved brother and…