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Services and Sacraments

Grand Celebration of the Commemoration of Saint John Vladimir in Albania

This past Monday and Tuesday, on June 3rd and 4th, in the peaceful village of Shijon, near Elbasan, Albania, Orthodox clergy and believers from several countries, including Albania, North Macedonia, Serbia, and Montenegro, gathered in large numbers to commemorate the…

Services and Sacraments

Solemn Celebration of the Synaxis of Saint John the Baptist

An angel in the body and a heavenly man. A dweller of the wilderness and a citizen of Heaven. Sent by God to prepare a worthy people, to make straight His paths, to call the nation to repentance. The greatest…


Pilgrimage visit of young Christians from Tirana

On this festive day, when the Orthodox Church celebrates with love the memory of the Saint of love, Venerable Porphyrius the New of Kavsokalyvia, in the spirit of unity in the love of Christ, the Bigorski Holy Monastery was honoured…