Grand Celebration of the Commemoration of Saint John Vladimir in Albania

This past Monday and Tuesday, on June 3rd and 4th, in the peaceful village of Shijon, near Elbasan, Albania, Orthodox clergy and believers from several countries, including Albania, North Macedonia, Serbia, and Montenegro, gathered in large numbers to commemorate the feast day at the Holy Monastery dedicated to the Blessed Prince and Martyr Saint John Vladimir.

As a representative from our region, Archimandrite Dositheus, accompanied by two of our brethren, monks Philaret and Philip, participated in the festive vigil and the Holy Hierarchical Liturgy.

The Monastery of Saint John Vladimir, built on the elevated slopes of Shijon, is a sanctuary that has attracted believers for centuries with its spiritual power and sanctity. This holy place, rich in history and faith, has witnessed countless prayers and grace-filled unions with Christ.

The celebration of Saint John Vladimir is an opportunity for all believers to unite in prayer, strengthen their faith, and experience the spiritual unity that connects all Orthodox Christians from the region and beyond.

As a representative of Bigorski Monastery, Father Dositheus was asked by the local media for a statement, to which he lovingly responded that it is a great honor for us to celebrate Saint John Vladimir, who holds a significant place in our region as well. He highlighted the fact that Saint John Vladimir was a contemporary of the true founder of the Sacred Bigorski Monastery, Saint John of Debar, and it is highly likely that they knew each other personally and collaborated. Hence, the great veneration of Saint John Vladimir in our area, as evidenced by the frescoes depicting his image that adorn our monasteries.