Bigorski Monastery Representatives Attend Name Day Celebrations of the Ecumenical Patriarch

Over the past two days, June 110th and 11th, when the Church of God commemorates the Holy Glorious Apostles Bartholomew and Barnabas according to the new calendar, as well as the Most Holy Theotokos in honor of her miraculous icon “Axion Estin,” His All-Holiness, Archbishop of New Rome – Constantinople and Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew, celebrated his name day. The sacred services and festivities held at the headquarters of the Primatial Ecumenical Patriarchate in Phanar, Istanbul, were attended by numerous hierarchs, priests, monks, faithful, and distinguished guests from various local Orthodox Churches and countries around the world.

The celebration commenced with a festive Vespers service, presided over prayerfully by His All-Holiness. Subsequently, the Patriarch performed the consecration of the newly renovated magnificent building of the former city Patriarchal school at Maraslis, which the Patriarchate has painstakingly restored over the past few years. In his address on the occasion of the consecration and the formal opening of the building, the Primate emphasized that “the future belongs to an education that offers people an escape from the labyrinths of self-centeredness and indifference towards others. The Christian ethos lies at the heart of this idea of education, as it encompasses the notion of relational freedom, sociality, openness to others, and solidarity.”

Following the consecration, His All-Holiness hosted a reception for the guests in the atrium of the newly consecrated building, where he received their congratulations.

The solemn celebration continued today with a festive Matins service and the Divine Liturgy. At the end of the service, Metropolitan Elder Emmanuel of Chalcedon delivered congratulatory remarks on behalf of the hierarchy of the Throne, honoring the name day of His All-Holiness the Patriarch, who then expressed his gratitude to all who honored and congratulated him.

Among the many attendees from various countries were our brothers, Archimandrite Cyril and Hieromonk Erasmus, who traveled to Phanar as representatives of our monastic community with the blessing of our Elder, Bishop Parthenius of Antania, who was unable to attend due to the inclusion of Saints Spaso and Spasa in the Diptych of Saints. Our fathers were honored with a special audience in the office of His All-Holiness, where they conveyed the congratulations, prayers, and best wishes from our Elder, the brotherhood, and the sisterhoods. In return, the Patriarch expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the brothers and extended his patriarchal and fatherly blessings to the clergy and people of the Archdiocese of Ohrid.

The Brotherhood of the Holy Bigorski Monastery thanks God that such a divinely gifted person now occupies the Holy Ecumenical Throne, being a blessing to the entire Church of Christ. We are greatly joyful that in these tumultuous times, we have a Leader who, with his wisdom and spiritual depth, guides the faithful towards the light of Christ’s knowledge. From the depths of his heart, our Elder, Bishop Parthenius of Antania, along with the brothers and sisters, wishes His All-Holiness Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew many more years of leading the Church of Christ with good deeds, heavenly wisdom, and fatherly love.

We humbly pray to the Lord to grant him heavenly assistance in bearing the heavy cross and great responsibility he has for the Holy Church of God. May the Lord multiply his love, wisdom, and discernment, which are his hallmarks, and support him in every noble endeavor. Every word and deed of his testifies to the power of faith and love for one’s neighbor, serving as an example and inspiration to us.

Many years to Your All-Holiness!