Commemoration of Saints Equal-to-the-Apostles Constantine and Helen in Rajcica

Today, the triumphant Church, still glowing with the colors of the Resurrection, softly whispers through a blend of beautiful verses into our souls about the glorious life of the one who, along with her wise son, adorned the universe with magnificent temples to reflect the glory of God within them. Indeed, who would not remember how a humble empress and mother, with fiery faith and love for God, traversed the Holy Land, walking where Christ’s feet once trod and marking every place significant to His life with a splendid church? She was even honored to find and present to us all the sign of Christ’s victory over death—a deed equal to that of the apostles. A glory that still illuminates the earthly and heavenly Church today. A remembrance of the first Roman emperors who granted freedom to Christians, a legacy from which we, the inheritors of their material and spiritual bequests, continuously draw inspiration and sustenance.

Anyone who has visited the Holy Land and seen the remnants of former grandeur—half-ruined foundations and walls—that testify to the great zeal of this illustrious lover of God, who sought to leave her heavenly love’s mark everywhere, cannot help but love and respect the holy Empress Helen. This Christ-loving saint, who found a place in the heart of our revered Elder and Bishop, Partenij of Antaniska, with her intercessory prayers and spiritual presence, marked his entire monastic endeavor, blessing him for a pious and apostolic work reflective of her own. This special bond, incomprehensible to the spiritually blind, subtly guided him through life, helping him to resurrect ruined temples—both material and, more importantly, the invisible ones—human souls and families.

Today, the monastic sanctuary of the Victorious One, the humble sisterhood, and the gathered guests were once again graced to feel and see with their spiritual eyes the closeness of the Elder to Saints Equal-to-the-Apostles Helen and her son, Emperor Constantine. The gracious archiepiscopal Liturgy served by Bishop Partenij revealed in full splendor the mutual love that connects the spiritually akin and allowed us, his spiritual children, to glimpse this indescribable mystery and to love Saint Constantine and his mother, Empress Helen, even more.

Saints Equal-to-the-Apostles Constantine and Helen, who adorned the universe with countless temples of God, adorn our souls with your love for Christ, so that they may become living temples of the living God!