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Macedonian Ecclesiastical and State Delegation Retrieves the Holy Fire from Jerusalem

"The Light of Christ enlightens all.". Countless and indescribable are the mercies of God with which He enlightens and illuminates every person in the world. Every day, we are showered with the graces of our Heavenly Father, and the greatest…


The Holy Light Illuminates Bigorski (Video)

This year, as well as last year, the Holy Light, i.e., the Holy Fire from the empty Tomb of Christ in Jerusalem, arrived in our country by plane from brotherly and Orthodox Greece. From the Skopje airport, with the blessing…


(Video) Arrival of the Holy Fire at the Bigorski Monastery – (Live Broadcast)

Just a short while ago, the Holy Fire from Jerusalem arrived at the Skopje airport and will be greeted by representatives of the state, a representative of the Archbishop, as well as other representatives of the Macedonian Orthodox Church who…