The Holy Light Illuminates Bigorski (Video)

This year, as well as last year, the Holy Light, i.e., the Holy Fire from the empty Tomb of Christ in Jerusalem, arrived in our country by plane from brotherly and Orthodox Greece. From the Skopje airport, with the blessing of our elder and bishop, Bishop Mr. Partenij, the Graceful Flame was brought to the Bigorski Monastery by a hieromonk from our brotherhood, accompanied by several spiritual children of the Elder.

This marks the thirteenth year that the Holy Light has illuminated the faithful gathered in the Bigorski Monastery for the solemn service of Pascha, since beginning in 2009, through the efforts of our Elder Mr. Partenij, the Graceful Flame regularly arrives in the country before Easter.

Пристигнувањето и пречекот на Светата Светлина во Бигорски, Велика Сабота, 1 мај 2021 лето Спасителово