Holy and Great Friday (video)

Come, let us all praise Him Who was crucified for us. Mary beheld Him on the Tree and said, “Though You endure even the Cross, You are my Son and my God.”

(Kontakion of Holy Friday)

We are approaching now with trembling steps towards the hill, humbly ascending the top of the Golgotha in order to lay down our hearts before this horrific sight. And there amidst this tremendous darkness we see the erected lifegiving Cross covered with the blood of our Lord Who hangs nailed upon it. We see this Altar in which the priceless and ultimate sacrifice has been offered to redeem the entire humankind. With faith we venerate Him because this most honorable Throne proclaimed the triumph of the One Who conquered sin – Christ, the King of the new Israel.

Утрена на Велик Петок (2021) – Пренос во живо
Велики Петок – Вечерна со Погребение Христово и полагање на светата Плаштаница во Кувуклијата (2021) – Пренос во живо