Paschal Joy at the Struga Litany

The Paschal celebrations continue to shine brightly, bringing joy to the hearts of Orthodox Christians throughout the region. This year, despite the implementation of strict measures to guard against the coronavirus, the Struga Litany enchanted the faithful inhabitants of Struga. They paid homage to the great relics—the relics of Saint George the Victorious, his miraculous icon, and the Krninski image of the Mother of God. Standing on the sidewalks, they reverently filled their hearts with an abundance of blessings. The festive evening service, led by the respected Metropolitan of Debar-Kichevo, Mr. Timotej, our Elder, Bishop Antaniski Mr. Partenij, and a portion of the diocese’s clergy, took place in the courtyard of the Struga church dedicated to Saint George, adhering to the health protection protocols in place.

It was a joy to witness the devout Aco Trca, Dimitri Gjorgonoski, Mirce Adzioski, and Marjan Kushkoski honorably lifting the floral epitaph containing the relics of Saint George, which blessed the city of Struga. Emil Tashevski, Filip Tintoski, Vojce Jovanoski, and Toni Jovanoski, with great love, carried the Prechistan icon of the Mother of God in their arms. The effort of Ivan Mojsoski, Aleksandar Grujoski, Klaudio Atanasovski, and Kliment Nestoroski, who shouldered the miraculous ancient image of the Victorious George, was also remarkable. Together, with profound emotion, they participated in the planned litany.

May the merciful and Resurrected God accept this act of devotion as a blessing and spiritual support for our entire nation, as well as for the world’s deliverance from the significant trial it is undergoing. Hopefully, we can celebrate the traditional Struga Litany with even greater grandeur and jubilation.


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