(Video) Vespers of Love and Saint George

How close to the soul are the Resurrection of Christ and the commemoration of Saint George the Great Martyr and Trophy-Bearer! Indeed, every time we remember Saint George, we are filled with the resurrectional feeling from his miraculous life, which is essentially a testimony to the Resurrection and eternal life.

Today, the sisterhood at the Rajčica Monastery celebrates their patron and protector, the invincible warrior of faith and soldier of Christ, the glorious Saint George of Cappadocia. This rare calendar coincidence has filled the monastery of Saint George in Rajčica with light, joy, and unforgettable festivity. The celebration began with the so-called Vespers of Love, an evening service where the resurrectional Gospel is read in multiple languages, and at the end, after venerating the Holy Relics, all present greet each other with:

Christ is Risen!

Indeed He is Risen!