(Video) Young Folk Dancers at the Knezinski Monastery

Bright Week, the blessed Eighth Day of the Resurrection, concludes its calendar cycle for this year but continues to shine brightly upon the faithful with the eternal dawn of the Eschaton. In the light of its rays, today, on Bright Saturday, a festive Easter event took place at the Knezinski Monastery near Kichevo – a performance by the cultural and artistic societies: “Biser,” “Niko Pusoski,” “Mladost,” and “Racin,” all from Kichevo. The event was organized by the devout Mr. Cane Gjorgjioski, founder of KUD “Biser,” as a gesture of gratitude for the tireless efforts and dedication of our Elder, Bishop Partenij of Antania, in fostering spirituality among the youth in the region. He highlighted this in his brief opening speech:

“Christ is Risen!

The reason for our gathering today is of great significance! The victory over death, the victory over evil – the Victor, Lord Christ!

We have learned of all the good deeds of our Lord from one of His faithful friends and servants – the Bishop of our hearts, Bishop Partenij!

Today, enjoy the fruits of Elder Partenij’s works, and you will see how good the Lord is! The fact that we are all together, connected more than any earthly bond, and that our hearts live in joy and peace that is not of this world! We wish all people in the world to have such a Father and servant – who every day devotes himself entirely to God and His children.

Please, enjoy the program from all the cultural and artistic societies of Kichevo.”

The young artists performed the following traditional dances: “Gjurgjovden,” “Radovishki Sabor,” “Rashtak,” “Rudo Yagne,” “Buvchansko,” “Mijachka,” and “Poselje.”

Today, the Knezinski Monastery, nestled amidst natural beauty and spiritual tranquility, connected the roots of the past with the fruits of the present. The cultural and artistic societies from Kichevo, with their beautiful folk costumes richly embroidered with motifs that tell stories as old as the ancient monastery walls themselves, and their wonderful dances, enlivened the serene waves of this holy place. The dance performance served as a bridge between generations, a link that connects people not only with their heritage but also with the Macedonian land that nurtured and raised them.

Elder Bishop Partenij, as the spiritual unifying link of the community, with his fatherly warmth and cordiality, blessed all present, especially the participants, reminding them of the importance of tradition and perseverance in faith.