Services and Sacraments

The Litany of Struga in its greatest glory

The festivity which still follows the most joyful celebration of the Resurrection of our Lord, brings special joy to the hearts of Christians not just in our country but also abroad. Thus, this year as well, the traditional Litany of…


Blessings all over Struga

After he blessed us with his gracious visit and filled with joy our monastic family that gathered in Rajchica to venerate his holy memory, this year also, in spite of the epidemy, St. George Triumphant didn’t deprive the lovely Struga…

Services and Sacraments

Pashal Lythany at the Prechista Monastery – a blessing from the Heavenly Empress

Just like in the Divine services, where every chant ends with the praise of the One who is the reason for our salvation, this Holy Pashal week is also crowned with the holiday of the purest Theotokos, called The Life-Giving…

Services and Sacraments

(Video) The glorious litany – a joy for Struga

It’s been ten years now since the revived Litany of Struga started announcing joy, and it keeps on sending everywhere around our country, as if rays of light, the blessing of St. George. It gives the faithful who come to…

Services and Sacraments

The Litany in Struga in honour of Christ’s Champion George

This year again, shining with a triumphant blaze, the peace-promoting procession of St. Martyr George traditionally sent from the streets Struga the Evangelical and forever true messages of Christ’s all-uniting love. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JCLB49MMNzc

Services and Sacraments

Easter Friday

On Easter Friday the Holy Church celebrates the Most Holy Mother in honour of her Life-Giving Fount – Balikli, in the royal city of Constantinople, the capital of the Byzantine Empire and centre of Orthodoxy, Mother of all Churches. Remembering…