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Archimandrite Parthenius received the European Parliament prize in Brussels

Before the EU Parliament   In front of the “Symbolical tree” which represents the cultural interlacing of the European nations Man – that’s the image of God, therefore it would be impossible to love the Proto-image, without the love towards…


Archimandrite Parthenius: The ideals of Europe should fully conform with Christ’s Gospel

Today on the occasion of electing a laureate of the prestigious honorary prize of the EU Parliament, “European Citizen's Prize”, a few days before the main EU ceremony in Brussels on 10th October, our Elder and Abbot, His Beatitude Archimandrite…


Archimandrite Parthenius winner of the highest honorary EU prize – “European Citizen’s Prize”

Our Elder and Abbot, Archimandrite Parthenius is one of the fifty laureates for this year’s highest honorary prize of the European Parliament – “European Citizen”. He was nominated for this prestigious reward by Mr Andrei Kovachev, member of the European…