Sermons of Bishop Parthenius

Come ye faithful, let us see where Christ was born!

A sermon of His Eminence, the Bishop Parthenius, Elder and Abbot of the Bigorski Monastery, uttered at Christmas during the Divine Liturgy, after the reading of the Holy Gospel Мy dear ones, one of the hymns we chanted tonight in…

Services and Sacraments

A whole night praise to the angelical voice of the Church

Come ye faithful let’s celebrate the Mother of God’s honorable Protection, because she mercifully spread her hands to her Son and the whole world got covered in her intercession. Therefore let us rejoice and sing with our lips and heart,…

Services and Sacraments

The heavenly door which opened to us the doors of Paradise

The memory of this wonderful miracle, transformed into a whole night vigil in honour of the icon “It is Truly Meet”, and praise towards the Mother of God for her mercy that emanates from this miraculous image of hers, invited…