(Video) Annunciation Joy in the Most Pure Monastery

The liturgical brilliance of the Annunciation celebration crowned at dawn the all-night prayer vigil before the Mother of Life. The festive ringing of the bells once again gathered the faithful in the heavenly realm of the Most Pure Monastery. Soon, the church became too small to hold the multitude of people flowing into it like a river. Shaded by the victorious power of the Cross with a piece of the Precious Wood of our Lord brought for this occasion from Bigorski and adorned with a sprig of basil received as a blessing from the hand of our beloved Elder, Bishop Partenij of Antania, who presided over the Liturgical Mystery, the attendees wholeheartedly joined in the tender singing of the two choirs, Bigorski’s and “Metropolitan Cosmas of the Most Pure,” lifting their minds to the Heavens. And indeed, it was a true pleasure to hear the beautiful harmony of the monastic voices and the sweet-sounding youths from Kichevo. Yet, the greatest gift and nourishment for the fluttering souls of those present was the moment when the Elder, interpreting the Gospel reading, captured the wondrous and profound meaning of the Good News, with which our salvation began.

As beautifully explained by Bishop Partenij, today marks precisely 100 years since the monastic tonsure of the blessedly departed Archbishop Dosithej, who was tonsured in the Most Pure Monastery of Kichevo by Hieromonk Grigorij. Thus, commemorating this significant jubilee for our renewed church history, the Elder served a Trisagion for the blessed repose of our first Archbishop and his spiritual father from Bitola. And at the conclusion of the Divine Liturgy, Elder Partenij congratulated all women on the feast of the Orthodox woman and mother, highlighting the Most Holy Theotokos as the eternal and perfect example for the female gender. The festivity was further enriched by the performance group “Biser,” which presented a beautiful program before the bishop and the attendees. The joy and grace of today’s festive celebration were shared with us by the esteemed Minister of Defense, Ms. Slavjanka Petrovska.

Last night’s vigil and today’s Holy Liturgy were live-streamed on Bigorski’s social platforms for all those who could not attend in person, and our dear Stojan Stojanovski and his team from “2S Studio” took care of the professional broadcast, to whom we express our great gratitude.

Behold, what came to call us now reveals itself: God purposefully unites with humankind; through the Archangel’s voice, deception is expelled, and the Virgin receives joy; heaven descends to earth and the world is freed from the original curse. Let creation rejoice and sing aloud: To our Creator and Redeemer, O Lord, glory to Thee!

We express great gratitude to “2S Studio” for the professional broadcast of the vigil on the social networks of Bigorski, enabling a large number of souls to partake in the prayers and praise of the Most Holy Theotokos. May Her blessing be with them.