Blessings all over Struga

After he blessed us with his gracious visit and filled with joy our monastic family that gathered in Rajchica to venerate his holy memory, this year also, in spite of the epidemy, St. George Triumphant didn’t deprive the lovely Struga of his blessing. He embraced with his blessing the old streets of Struga through the traditional Procession – Lithany with his holy relics and his miraculous icon, as well as with the two-sided miraculous icon of the purest Theotokos and of our Saviour, Christ. The people of Struga, always anticipating this day with deep reverence and love, and preparing diligently to venerate the renowned and much-loved guardian of their town, have particularly felt his blessing this year. And it is not by chance because, they need it so much now, not just they but the whole country and the world as well since we are all affected by the pandemics. Hence, they rejoiced immensely for the possibility to still receive that blessing, in spite of the state of emergency and protective measures, and to gain great spiritual assistance in the struggle with this evil. Truly, the strength of St George the Triumphant has manifested itself on many occasions and prevailed over all evils of this world. Even here, in his home in Rajcica, he laid his graceful protection, because at the beginning of the Fast, when the town of Debar suddenly became the epicentre of the epidemic in Macedonia and a quarantine was introduced, on the third day his relics were taken out in a Lithany around the Monastery. So, carried by the hands of the hieromonk, along with the sisters, he endowed the Debar area with his blessing and diminished the number of diseased in Debar. Now, again, with the same care, he embraced the town of Struga, leaving his blessing in it.

The festive Vespers in the open air was beautiful scenery. The praises to St. George echoed greatly from the mouths of the chanters, making the whole town a church where the Holy Great-martyr George is praised with paschal joy, and God Who gives such a power to His saints is being glorified. And that power is equally given to everyone, as Saint George greatly loves everyone and gives his aid to anyone in trouble.

Our beloved St. George, servant of Christ, great is your boldness before God, and even greater is your zeal with which you love us; may you always bring joy to the hearts of the faithful so they could always sing grateful hymns to you, and glorify the One who thus glorified you. Amen!