Bigorski participated in the international ICT Innovations Conference

10th International Conference ICT Innovations 2018

Within its global mission for introducing Christ’s Church in every segment of human existence, our Monastery through its representative took part in the International ICT Conference which was organized on 17th till 19th September this year in the Metropolis Hotel, by the Ohrid Lake. Namely, we are talking about the so called “ICT Innovations” (10th International Conference ICT Innovations 2018), which is a series of international conferences for presenting new ideas and fundamental achievements in the field of computer sciences and engineering. This year the topic of the conference was “Engineering and the existential sciences”.

The main goal of the conference was to gather the academic circles, researchers, engineers, data and industry experts, who had the opportunity to share the latest discoveries and best practices, and to learn about the symbiosis between engineering and the science of life.  The conference promoted the development of models, methods and instruments of the data science, as well as other aspects of the computer sciences, in order to provide unique surroundings for presentation and discussion regarding the new approaches and prototypes in the joint areas of engineering and science of life. The conference consisted of series of tutorials with technical data (scientific works), which had previously been analyzed and chosen by the international itinerary commission, as well as lectures by several invited scientists who took pleasure in giving their scientific contribution to the conference.

The Holy Bigorski Monastery was represented on this conference by our brother, the novice Dragan Zlatkovski, who is a highly educated and experienced IT engineer. He participated with his scientific work titled “A New Real-Time File Integrity Monitoring System for Windows-based Environments”. Actually this work is a part of his master degree under the supervision of his mentor prof. d-r Alexandra Mileva, of the IT Faculty at the “Goce Delcev” University in Shtip. In his work Dragan gives a detailed presentation of the design and implementation of the new monitoring system for the data integrity in the real-time computer system, called WebSGuard.

Apart from the Macedonian IT technicians, the International Conference was also attended by highly esteemed professors of worldly renowned Universities and institutions from USA, Germany, Hungary, Spain, Slovenia and Serbia.