Holy and Great Wednesday

Though I have outdone the harlot in sin, yet I have offered You no shower of tears. Rather, I fall before You fervently kissing Your spotless feet, praying silently that, as Master, You will remit my debts as I cry: “Savior, free me from the foulness of my deeds!”

Kontakion of Holy Wednesday

The Church commemorates two events today – two acts so opposite to one another: the harlot anoints Christ and is celebrated, while as the covetous Judas in his treason is cursed. A day of horrible treachery! Every faithful soul feels the pain of this horrific deed which seems to overcome the very darkness of Christ’s Crucifixion! There is nothing worse than this act of Juda’s betrayal, because none of those who tortured Christ were familiar with His humanity, were witnesses of the noble deeds of the greatest Benefactor of people.