So that things are clear

(On the occasion of February 21st, International Mother Language Day) Bishop Partenij, Abbot of Bigorski Monastery Throughout the course of Macedonian-Bulgarian political relations during the last few years, especially after the signing of the Agreement on Friendship, Good Neighborliness, and…

Sermons of Archimandrite Parthenius

Stand in the freedom, which Christ set us free with

Sermon of His Reverence Archimandrite Parthenius, on the feast of St. Elijah, delivered in the Bigorski church, during the act of Doxology My dear ones, I congratulate you our great national holiday St. Elijah Day, as well as the ecclesiastical…

Services and Sacraments

The feast of St. Elijah

A fiery Prophet. A fervent zealot. A powerful preacher. That is why his memory glorified by the Church of Christ today is flaming our hearts. The memory of the miraculous and God-inspired Prophet Elijah. This glorious prophet, the "angel incarnated"…