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Twenty-five years since the monasticism of our Elder Parthenius

For many years to come, our Bishop Parthenius, our father in Christ! Twenty-five years ago, on the 5th of August 1995, at the Evening Vespers in honour of the Holy Martyr Christina of Tyre, in the glorious temple of the…

Services and Sacraments

(Video) Monastic tonsure in the Precista Monastery

Is there anyone who loves God more than the One, whose Birth we celebrate today? But is there someone who has been beloved by God more than she is? What other divine creature is more pure than Her, or equal…

Services and Sacraments

Monastic tonsure in Rajchica, on the eve of St. George’s day

A graceful outburst of joy marked the eve of the Holy Great Martyr, St. George the Triumphant. This joy and tremor affected an especial angelical soul because that was the night of her Divine wedding to the sweetest and eternal…