Services and Sacraments

Forgiveness Vespers

The Beginning of the Great and Holy Lent "Let Thy grace shine forth, O Lord, let the illumination of our souls be kindled. This is the acceptable time, this is the time for repentance; let us cast aside the works…

Services and Sacraments

Cheesefare Week

The Expulsion of Adam from Paradise "When Adam saw the angel driving him out, and the door of divine Paradise closing, he sighed deeply and said: O Merciful One, have mercy on me who have fallen." (Contakion from the Matins…

Sermons of Bishop Parthenius

Fasting as a Call to Meet Christ

A Homily by His Grace Bishop Partenij of Antani, delivered during the Divine Liturgy on Forgiveness Sunday, March 4/17, in the year of Our Lord 2024 In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy…