Clean Monday

Let us observe a fast acceptable and pleasing to the Lord. True fasting is to put away all evil, to control the tongue, to forbear from anger, to abstain from lust, slander, falsehood and perjury. If we renounce these things, then is our fasting true and acceptable to God.


This is the time of repentance, the day of salvation, the beginning of the Great Lent: be vigilant, my soul, close the door to the passions and turn to God. Through the voice of His Church, God calls upon us to leave our sinful and embarrassing deeds behind and begin the good struggle of patience through fasting and prayer which purifies our souls and places us before Christ. And let no one say that without this struggle and these virtues we can purify ourselves and reach the Most Holy Christ. The past centuries of experience of the Church’s Holy Fathers has already shown us the way, the only and unmistakable way we are to follow, the path of spiritual purification from our passions, so that we can joyfully reach the glory of the Bridal chamber.