Theodore’s Saturday

The endless expanse of the starry sky that evokes deep awe and joy in the human soul pales in comparison to the boundless expanse of the spiritual realm filled with God’s martyrs, who, like stars around the Sun of Christ, delight and uplift the soul of the Christian.

The memory of St. Theodore Tyron, observed on the first Saturday of the holy and great Lent, brings true joy and rejoicing, for through his bloodless martyrdom, we identify with and draw closer to the martyr’s nature and longing for the Resurrected Christ in the fast.

Today, in the Bigorski Monastery, in the presence of numerous faithful who gathered in the house of the Baptizer to participate in the blessings of the liturgy during the first week of the holy Forty Days, we celebrated the memory of the Holy Great Martyr Theodore Tyron through prayers and blessings from our Elder and Bishop, Mr. Partenij.