First Friday of Lent – Clean Friday

Like a vine hanging on the cross, O Savior, You have watered the ends of the universe with the wine of immortality, Christ. Therefore, I cry out to You: Me, who am heavily darkened by the drunkenness of sins, after You have filled me with the sweetness of true humility, strengthen me to abstain from pleasures now, O Savior, as a Good and Lover of mankind.

(Sticheron on “Lord, I have cried”)

Spiritually immersed in the special ambiance of these days, the brothers and sisters of our holy monasteries, as well as the large number of faithful who have been sharing the rich services with them for several days now, prayerfully followed the beautifully composed Canon to St. Theodore Tyron today. After fervently praying, they enjoyed the koliva that is made here every year in his honor, in memory of the miraculous appearance of the martyr to the then Patriarch of Constantinople, in order to warn him of the evil intentions of Julian the Apostate and to save him from defilement by idol food.