(Video) The Glory of St. Gregory Palamas in Rajchica

The Blessing of Saint Gregory Palamas, the Miracle-Worker of Thessaloniki, which abundantly pours upon us during the second week of the Honorable Fast, traditionally attracts many God-loving souls to the heavenly palace of the Victor. This year was no different. The prayerful call was heard in the hearts, and numerous devotees of this Divine servant arrived from all sides to the sanctuary, who with great impatience and indescribable joy immersed themselves in the splendor of the festive celebration of the Rajchica patron. The fervent prayer of the many humble hearts rose up like a pillar above the sanctuary, led by the priestly pleas of our beloved Elder, Bishop Antaniski Partenij, who presided over the celebration and implored from heaven an abundant rain of grace to pour upon our thirsty souls. What a spiritual feast Saint Gregory prepared for us! The minds of all present in the beautifully decorated chapel were ecstatically engaged in contemplation, inspired by the sweet hymns sung in praise of the Saint, while the soul enjoyed the remarkable presence of the celebrated grace.

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But what strongly lifted our hearts to the heights and opened the door to the mystical theology of the Saint of Thessaloniki about the grace of the Holy Spirit and about the uncreated energies of God through which deification is achieved, was the fiery speech of our Elder and contemplator of that mystery, Bishop Antaniski Partenij:

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