The Second Akathist Hymn in Praise of the Mother of God

Tonight, like a garland of fresh roses, the words “Rejoice… Rejoice… Rejoice…” were recited, and every heart was filled with joy and contentment, because the Queen Mother covers the world with love and compassion under the mantle of her prayers. What seemed like an ordinary day, now shines with a special radiance, as it is filled with hymns of praise and glory that the Church, with gratefulness, offers to the Most Holy Mother of God, Mary, the unwavering hope of Christians. Because of her, we all rejoice, for if it were not for her, the bridge between heaven and earth, humanity would not be able to find joy or hope. Therefore, we greet her with gratitude: Rejoice, Mother of Christ God!

The family of St. Great Martyr and Victorious George in Rajchica, where our sisters are monastic, were honored by the presence of our beloved Elder and Abbot, Bishop Antanisky, Partenij, who proclaimed the greetings and praises of the Mother of God and began the festive celebration, with the central event being the Holy Eucharist on the second Sunday of the Holy Forty Days dedicated to St. Gregory Palamas of Thessalonica.