The Triumph of Orthodoxy

The symphony of bells resounded triumphantly in the Holy Monastery of Bigorski, in honor of the victory and glory of Orthodoxy, which the Church of Christ has consecrated on this first Sunday of the Holy and Cleansing Forty Days. After the repentant tolls, the clarifying chimes, and the touching hymns and prayers of the past week, which bore fruits of repentance and self-discovery, today as a crown and a fruit of spiritual struggle, the knowledge of God shone through the Orthodox confession of faith – the correct teaching and belief in God. That rich treasury of imperishable spiritual treasures, which is called the Orthodox Church of Christ, contains all knowledge of God, man, life, and eternity within itself.

Announcing the glory of Orthodoxy through the life of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church, our Elder and Abbot, Bishop Antaniski Partenij, together with his spiritual brothers, monks, nuns and numerous pious Orthodox Christians, glorified the Triune God who graciously granted us to live the Sacraments of spiritual life through the uniqueness of the Orthodox Tradition. Through a night vigil, Divine Hierarchical Liturgy, procession with holy icons around the church and reading of the Synodicon of Orthodoxy, today’s triumph was sealed – the victory of Truth over falsehood.

Eternal remembrance to all those who sacrificed their lives, their souls, and their strengths for the Gospel of Christ and the preservation of the purity of Orthodox doctrine for salvation and eternal life.