(Video) Vespers of Love

The Paschal joy still glitters in the hearts of faithful, fulfilling their homes with the rays of the never-setting light of the Eighth Day. The message about the Conquerer of death, Who rose from His grave, echoes loudly throughout the entire Orthodox world and continues to send its unearthly love, comforting to all the people.

The spirit of that joy and the Paschal exclamations at the Monastery carried on during the wonderful service called the Vespers of love, when the Gospel about the resurrected Saviour was read in many languages: Macedonian, Old Slavic, Old Greek, Latin, Bulgarian, Serbian, Albanian, English, French, Italian, German, Finnish and Turkish – which conveyed everywhere the most important tidings: no one is deprived of the joy of Resurrection, of the joyful message for all the nation and the entire world! The message that Christ has Truly Risen!

Vespers of Love – (livestream)