New video for “The Eternal God”

The civic association “Badnikovi Povorki”, which for years has been working hard to beautify the festive atmosphere for the celebration of the holy birth of Christ – Christmas, and for its dignified celebration in the spirit of Orthodox tradition, has gifted the Macedonian public with another beautiful video this year, featuring the most famous Christmas carol “The Eternal God”.

Here is the association’s statement in its entirety:

“With the greatest love and trust, we present to you the video for the third version of ‘The Eternal God,’ filmed in January 2023, directed by Dejan Projkovski, with Goran Naumovski as director of photography, and Stojan Stojanovski as camera operator and editor, and performed by Antonia Gigovska, Lambe Alabakovski, and Zlatno Slavejche.

We have created a work that should capture the attention of the new generation of children, to whom we have a sacred duty to pass on our Orthodox tradition of celebrating Badnik and Christmas, just as our ancestors have passed it down to us through the ages.

The simplicity of the ambiance and the modest meal in the video bear witness to the true values of a Christian, and for a moment, they free our senses from the clutter of everyday life so we can feel Christmas in our hearts and welcome the birth of Christ in the manger of our souls.

Through this visual work, we teach our children to strive for the angelic food, the sweet feast of faith, justice, and Christian joy instead of indulging in a lavish physical feast. So, on Christmas, we visit and embrace our loved ones, the forgotten and the powerless, we share and forgive each other!

The rest of the team that created this audio-visual masterpiece to leave a lasting value in our collective memory is composed of:

Actors: Krste Jovanovski, Petar Mirchevski, Valentina Gramosli, Luka Nikoloski, Jordan Cvetkoski, Teofanija Kostoska, Justina Petreska, Luka Aritonovski, Petar Taneski, Jovana Blazeska, Teodora Bpreslieva, Marija Filipov Ilieva, Riste Filipov

Vladimir Dimovski – Arrangement and orchestration

Vladimir Cvetkovski – Violin, Vladimir Dimovski – Viola, Kiril Josifov – Cello, Mitko Ivanov – Double Bass, Ivan Eminovikj – Keyboards and Synthesizer, Simona Bogoevska – Harp, Kristina Ljushkoska – Flute, Petar Hristov – Soprano, Saxophone, Alto Saxophone, Mojca Sedey – Timpani, Cymbals

Choir – Zlatno Slavejche

Studio “Alshar” – Ivica Jankulovski

Margherita Minovski – Makeup, Viktorija Bursac – Stylist, Venko Pashovski, Letka Filipova, Romeo Petreski, Ace Stavreski, Goran Angeloski

Dejan Doneski, Association for Care and Education of Children.

Да му благодариме на Бога што после двегодишна пандемија, конечно можеме да го прославиме Божик сите заедно, со небесна радост, и да се помолиме, со Христовото Раѓање, во нашите срца да се родат добри дела!

Христос се Роди!
Здружение „Бадникови поворки“