(Video) The Youngest from the Debar and Reka Regions Herald Lazarus’ Resurrection with Traditional Carols

Today, our Holy Bigorski Monastery was delighted by the beautiful singing of Lazarus’ carol “Tell us, Lazarus,” which resonated from the mouths of the youngest children from the Reka and Debar regions.

These wonderful young souls, whose faces gleamed with festive joy and purity in their hearts, announced the upcoming Paschal celebration and spoke to us through the carols about Lazarus’ Resurrection, which serves as a prelude to the bright and glorious Resurrection of Christ.

Accompanied by their parents, the children first enthusiastically sang the carols in the monastery courtyard, from where they proceeded to the working chambers of our Elder Bishop Mr. Parthenius, to also convey the universal joy of the Lord’s resurrection of the four-day-old Lazarus to him. There, they were warmly and joyously welcomed by the grandfatherly heart and embrace, and were then gifted with traditional Lazarus cakes, Easter candles, and other presents.