Blagoj Veselinov: Address on the Film “1000 Years – Witness of the Light”

Actor: Blagoj Veselinov

Honorable President Mr. Stevo Pendarovski,
Your Beatitude, Mr. Stefan,
Your Eminences,
Your Excellencies,
Ladies and gentlemen,

It is a great honor and pleasure for me to inaugurate the beginning of this timeless journey. To briefly introduce you to a space beyond time that has its own name: “Bigorski Monastery” – a place where, like bees in a swarm, the monks tirelessly fulfill their obediences to God.

Gratitude to the host of this film, the venerable bishop and father Partenij, monks and nuns from the Bigorski and Rajčica Monasteries. I have heard many truths about you, and it was my honor to see and testify even more. The joy that you bestow upon this world I see as pure love, and thus I know that God is within you. Even in the coldest winter, you warm the soul of man, love with the heart even when reason says otherwise. I witnessed the effort and sacrifice that everyone will testify today. Power and position are not contrary to love, there is no negation in the sense of love. For me, the truth, venerable bishop Partenij, is contained in you, who are our Elder. Our father. The truth is in love. And from you, I learned that kindness is intelligence and the essence of love.

That we must be the light for ourselves and illuminate our own path. Save yourself, and you will save thousands.

“Eyes that look with sincerity and love always perceive beautiful and sublime images. This is common to both artists and monks” (nun Efimija and hieromonk Kiril).

Indeed, art is a quest and discovery of truth, not mere frivolous entertainment. Hope is the comfort we receive, hope that we will unite around our Lord Jesus Christ. To the worthy bishop, monks, and nuns, I bow to you and once again thank you for selflessly being there for us.