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Awards from “Bitola’s Newspaper”

In the evening hours, within the grand setting of Bitola's Babylon hall, the 23rd "Selection of Bitola's Most Successful for the Year 2021" event took place, organized by Bitolski Vesnik. This gala, held annually in the city of consuls, brings…

Bitolski vesnik

Only the faith in God can bring real freedom to men

Exclusive interview with Archimandrite Partenij, abbot of Bigorski Monastery "St John the Baptist" by "Bitolski vesnik"    B.V.: We have just entered the New Year of 2019. Share with us your impressions about the previous year from an ecclesiastical and political…


Archimandrite Partenij Awarded for Lifetime Achievements

Yesterday, commemorating Saint Charalampus the Holy Martyr and on the eve of Saint Theodore Tyron, the grand hall of the "Babylon" venue in Bitola, filled with over eight hundred guests, witnessed how the generous people of Bitola know to appreciate…