Awards from “Bitola’s Newspaper”

In the evening hours, within the grand setting of Bitola’s Babylon hall, the 23rd “Selection of Bitola’s Most Successful for the Year 2021” event took place, organized by Bitolski Vesnik.

This gala, held annually in the city of consuls, brings together citizens from various categories and professions – business, education, healthcare, arts, culture, sports, and more, who have contributed to promoting Bitola to wider circles. This prominent event annually awards recognitions to Bitola’s citizens who, through their work, initiatives, and personal example, strive to elevate Bitola in the public eye, making it a vibrant and active city where the fight for a better society never ceases.

Approximately 5 years ago, our beloved Elder, Bishop Antanisian Mr. Partenij, was honored with the “Lifetime Achievement” award by representatives of Bitolski Vesnik, the organizers of this wonderful event. This caused great admiration among the people of Bitola, who have always seen him as a versatile individual and a promoter of the city because, through his spiritual and social mission, he is a prime example of the dedication and persistence required from us all.

This year, the leadership of Bitolski Vesnik awarded recognitions to over thirty distinguished Bitola citizens – doctors, politicians, professors, cultural workers, journalists, athletes – including the father of the city Mr. Toni Konjanovski, and then to journalist Mr. Kiro Kiprovski, a regular correspondent for Bitolski Vesnik. The “Lifetime Achievement” award was presented to Mrs. Violeta Tomovska, who, in honor of Bishop Partenij, performed her song “Prayer,” thus expressing her great love and respect for him.

Special recognitions were also given to nuns Kasijana and Efimija from the Rajčički Monastery, who hail from the city of Bitola, for their contributions to the spiritual, social, educational, and cultural-artistic development of children and youth.

During the acceptance of the award, as a gesture of immense gratitude towards the organizational committee of Bitolski Vesnik, led by the prominent journalist Mr. Mende Mladenovski, and towards Bishop Partenij, who was present at the event, nun Efimija spoke, saying:

“I would like to highlight two things, in the context of gratitude:

Firstly, I have received several formal recognitions in different fields throughout my life, but I must say, this one, coming from my beloved Bitola citizens, from Bitolski Vesnik, and with the blessing of my Elder, Bishop Antanisian Mr. Partenij, who is here with us tonight, is very dear to me.

Secondly, I want to express my deepest gratitude FOR and TO the most important person in my life – again to him, to Bishop Partenij, who has been nurturing me since my earliest years, trying to instill in me the true values, among which the greatest – gratitude. My dear elder, not just for this, but I thank you for everything: for your selfless support in my formal and spiritual education, for your love, dedication, patience, for the truth in which you first chose to live and which you call all of us to embrace. Whatever good these people have recognized and appreciated in me comes from you. Therefore, I dedicate this award to you.”