A radiant feast of Saint Nicholas in Bigorski

The first and last goal of every Christian’s life is to love God and attain unity with Him through this love. One sign that we have this love is that we keep our Beloved’s commands to love. When a person attains to perfect love for God, they also have a perfect and sincere love for their neighbors. Undoubtedly, one such worker of God’s love is the saint we celebrate today, the Holy Hierarch of Christ Nicholas, the Miracle Worker of Myra in Lycia, who was completely united with the love of God. Just the mention of this Divine helper’s name awakens joy in us, assuring us of his powerful intercessions. Countless times he has shown us that we can trust him by coming to the speedy aid of those who call on his glorious name with faith. As the helper of the poor, protector of the disenfranchised, supporter of widows, wealth for the poor, example for bishops, teacher of monks, and caring parent of the faithful, St. Nicholas has been one of the most beloved Saints of the Church of Christ for centuries.

Since its abbot, Bishop Partenij of Antania, has had such a great love for this universal Beacon of the Holiness of Christ since he was a child, the Holy Monastery of Bigorski celebrates his holy memory with the most radiant of celebrations. The Vigil and Divine Liturgy served by the Elder were a heartfelt outpouring of gratitude and supplication to the God-pleaser. On his part, the Saint repaid us with abundant mercies, extending the peace of Christ to all present. As a special blessing from the Saint, our much appreciated and beloved friend, Archimandrite Matthew Psomas from the Orthodox Church of Greece, came and served Divine Liturgy with our Elder. Also present was the venerable Elderess Danila, Abbess of the Little Galilee Monastery in the Holy City of Jerusalem, where the resurrected Lord appeared to the disciples twice and greeted them with the words, “Rejoice.” Our Elder’s acquaintance with Elderess Danila began during his recent pilgrimage to the Holy Land when she received the Elder and his entourage with the greatest hospitality. In addition to enriching our radiant celebration for St. Nicholas, our dear guests brought with them the fragrance of love and fellowship in Christ.