Visit of the Ambassador of Ukraine to North Macedonia to Bigorski Monastery

Today, the Ambassador of Ukraine to North Macedonia, Her Excellency Mrs. Larisa Dir, accompanied by her colleagues, came to the Holy Monastery of Bigorski for a friendly visit. Our esteemed guests were welcomed in the spirit of monastic hospitality. First, our guests were told about the history and the contemporary mission of the Monastery and the Brotherhood. Then Her Excellency had a meeting with our Elder, Bishop Partenij of Antania, in his study. The Elder and the Ambassador discussed Russia’s war against Ukraine. The bishop noted that there is no Orthodox Christian who would initiate or support war or belligerent actions and condemned aggression as a way of resolving disagreements. The Elder once again expressed our sympathy and support for the suffering people of Ukraine, who are experiencing the terrible evils of this war started by Russia, and Her Excellency thanked the Elder for his sympathy. The Bishop concluded that Orthodoxy should facilitate peace and unity in the love of God for all peoples, in the spirit of the universality of the Gospel.