Austrian Ambassador Visits Millennial Bigorski Monastery

As a monument to the eternal spiritual values shared by all Christian peoples, and as a pillar of the unifying force of cultural exchange, the Holy Bigorski Monastery of the Honorable Forerunner today welcomed the Austrian Ambassador to the country, His Excellency Mr. Martin Pammer, who arrived at the millennial shrine accompanied by his associates. The visit was friendly in nature and transpired in an atmosphere of camaraderie and mutual acquaintance. Indeed, the distinguished guest came to our Monastery to become acquainted with its cultural heritage, rich history, and significance, as well as to arrange visits by notable guests and pilgrims from Austria.

During the visit, Ambassador Pammer met with our esteemed Elder, Bishop Parthenius of Antania. The meeting was characterized by a spirit of warmth and openness, fostering friendly discussions on spirituality and the role of the Christian faith in the contemporary world. In an atmosphere of mutual respect, the Bishop and the Ambassador shared insights on the values that connect societies. The Ambassador showed particular interest in the millennial history of the Monastery, as well as in the monastic life of our Elder and his mission with addicts and socially vulnerable groups.

The remainder of the visit continued in a spirit of friendship. In conclusion, Ambassador Martin Pammer expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the Bishop for the warm welcome at the Monastery.