Visit of the British Ambassador to Bigorski

As a monument to the eternal values, common to all Christian nations, and as a pivot for the unifying power of cultural exchange, the Holy Bigorski Monastery of the Venerable Forerunner, during yesterday’s feast, warmly welcomed the British ambassador in the country, His Excellency Mr. Matthew Lawson, who arrived to the ten-century Sanctuary with his noble family. The visit had a friendly and family character and passed in an atmosphere of friendship and getting to know each other. In fact, the distinguished guest came to our Monastery in order to get to know the cultural heritage, rich history and significance of the Bigorski Monastery.

During the visit, Ambassador Lawson had a meeting with our respected Elder, Bishop of Antania Mr. Parthenius. The meeting was characterized by a spirit of warmth and openness, and friendly discussions about spirituality and the role of faith in the modern world developed in it. In an atmosphere of mutual respect, the bishop and the ambassador shared knowledge about the values that connect societies. The ambassador showed special interest in the millennial history of the Monastery, as well as in the monastic life of our Elder and his mission with addicts and socially vulnerable categories.

In the following, the visit took place in a spirit of novelty and admiration. The esteemed guests had the opportunity to view the beautiful architecture of the Monastery, immerse themselves in the tranquility of its surroundings and get to know firsthand the dedicated way of life led by the monks. This extraordinary experience allowed them to understand the deep meaning of the Monastery as a beacon of spirituality and cultural wealth.

Finally, Ambassador Matthew Lawson and members of his family warmly thanked for the warm welcome at the Monastery.