Services and Sacraments

(Video) Epiphany Illuminations in Rostushe, Radika, and Gari

For several days now, the Church has been calling its faithful children to "go and draw water from the wellspring of salvation," from the "spiritual rock" from which waters of eternal life flowed, our Lord Jesus Christ, Who today in…


Multicultural and Multireligious Educational Meetings in the Miyak’s Region

Within the framework of the monastic social-educational mission in the Mijak region, with the blessing of our Elder, Bishop of Antania Mr. Partenij, abbot of the Bigorski Monastery, recently in the beautiful environment of the fully renovated dining room at…

Services and Sacraments

(Video) Blessing of the Waters in Rostuše and Radika

Today is the day of God's revelation. The day when God revealed himself to man. Today, the heavens open up to mankind with lights. Today, the spiritual sight opens up to the heavenly lights. Today, the Trinitarian light of the…