(Video) Blessing of the Waters in Rostuše and Radika

Today is the day of God’s revelation. The day when God revealed himself to man. Today, the heavens open up to mankind with lights. Today, the spiritual sight opens up to the heavenly lights. Today, the Trinitarian light of the One Sun of Justice, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, the Undivided and Indivisible Trinity, enlightens us for the knowledge of God. Rivers of grace and enlightenment pour into the souls of faithful Christians who have prepared themselves with love and zeal for this great day of complete cleansing. The Son of God was baptized in the River Jordan by John the Baptist for our sake, and the Trinitarian doctrine of the world was revealed to him.

It was an extraordinary and rare sight when, in a short amount of time, the temple of the Holy Mother of God in the village of Rostuše was filled with believers who came to partake in the Feast of Lights and Divine Epiphany. The joyful faces and prayerful unity were a confirmation of the personal epiphanies of each one, whose common beginning is in the Epiphany of Jordan. Our Elder and Igumen, Bishop Antaniski Partenij, led the mystical and spiritual swimming in the divine waters and heavenly lights through the Holy and Divine Liturgy, in which we all washed and united ourselves through communion of the Holy Sacraments. After the unforgettable Eucharist, a solemn litany was made with songs and hymns, carrying the hand with the relics of the Honorable Precursor and Baptist towards the waters of the Radika River. There, about 200 devoted men eagerly awaited Bishop Partenij to bless the waters of Radika by dipping the cross. It was taken out by Tomica Petkoski from Tetovo, who received blessings and prayers from our bishop, as well as all the others who worked in the good deed. This year too, suitable rewards for the blessed cross-worshiper were provided by our respected friend, Mr. Harry Lokvenec, and the mayor of the Municipality of Mavrovo and Rostuše, Mr. Medat Kurtovski.

Today, You have appeared to the universe, and Your light, O Lord, has shone upon us who with understanding sing to You: You have come and have appeared, O Inaccessible Light (Condak of the Feast).