Ознака:St. Basil the Grea

Services and Sacraments

Sunday of the Prodigal Son

To be lost, to be in sin, to be in passions, enslaved to the old man within oneself, far from God, and yet angry at others for one's own condition, is not something new or strange for humanity, for the…

Services and Sacraments

Patriarchal blessing for the New Year of the Lord

Imperial name, imperial priesthood, imperial dignity: Saint Basil the Great. The memory of the righteous is praised, especially the memory of such a fiery pillar of the Church of Christ, who with his prayers strengthens the Christians. The Lord revealed…

Services and Sacraments

The Circumcision of our Lord and the Memory of St. Basil the Great

Today we celebrate another feast which represents God's humbleness that brings salvation to the human race. Look at the Divine humbleness that the Creator of the Universe shows! The gentle God was not ashamed to clothe Himself in our fallen…