The Remembrance of the Three Great Hierarchs and Enlighteners at Bigorski

Today, the Christian Church celebrates with spiritual songs and hymns the three great luminaries of the Triune Godhead, the glorious teachers, enlighteners, archbishops, and guardians of the faith, Saints Basil the Great, Gregory the Theologian, and John Chrysostom. Although the Church has designated a special day for each of them, by divine providence and for the instruction of those who wished to separate and elevate one above the others, in the early 11th century, a common feast was established, since all three are one in God. They are true prototypes, examples to follow, and signposts to heaven and eternity. Like thunderbolts from heaven, they illuminated the life on earth and history with true theology and knowledge of God. They are protectors and helpers of true enlightenment and science, guiding to the true knowledge and explaining the real benefit and purpose of all sciences and the understanding of things.

Although after so many years and centuries, we should have grasped the true knowledge, values, and understanding of life and eternity, regrettably, we live in a time in which the world seems not to need examples and prototypes of life. Of course, many have their favorite figures from the world stage, whom they admire for their talents and skills, in vocal abilities, in sports, in art, but above all on the internet. And the world constantly discusses them, even the details of their lives, which are so insignificant, such as who has quarreled, who has divorced, who has dressed in something new, who has gone on a journey. What is petty, bad, provocative, sadly, is attractive to the world. This, in a way, is a result of some hidden envy towards the neighbor, especially towards those who are successful in the ideals of the world: money, fame, pleasures. This is considered comfort and freedom, and something that supposedly brings joy to humanity.

It is hard for people to learn from an axiom stated by the Holy Fathers: The glory in this world passes, vanishes away. The Church offers us three examples, three prototypes to follow in life: the three great hierarchs: Basil the Great, Gregory the Theologian, and John Chrysostom. Their light will never extinguish, for they show us a path and values that are unique and eternal: love towards God and neighbor. Care for the sick, the powerless, the unfortunate, the lonely, the unprotected. I was hungry and ye gave me meat: I was thirsty, and ye gave me drink… This love is not mere anthropism, humanism, an idea, but it springs from their deep love for God. The saints are examples in theory and in practice. More precisely, according to the Holy Fathers, in spiritual matters, practice comes first, the practice of faith and virtues, and then follows the theory and understanding of things, through the knowledge of God. The life and deeds of these three luminaries, illuminated by the light of the true Sun – Christ, represent a true encyclopedia and are offered to everyone for study.

Our Sacred Bigorski Monastery, with its Elder and Hegumen, Bishop Mr. Parthenius, loving true knowledge and enlightenment, with special love and joy, spiritually celebrates the memory of these three giants of faith, crowning it with the Divine Liturgy, through which we were given heavenly lights and communion with the Triune God, who gloriously glorified these three Hierarchs.

May their blessings and enlightenment be with us all!