Acknowledgment from the Agency for Emigration – a Stimulus for Deeper Cooperation

The Bigorski Monastery warmly welcomed the Director of the Agency for Emigration, Mr. Slobodan Bliznakovski, into its picturesque embrace. His visit was motivated by a truly wonderful occasion – he took the opportunity to present our beloved Elder and Abbot, Bishop Antanisiki Partenij, with a letter of thanks for his selfless engagement in the fruitful cooperation with the Agency so far. Prompted by the numerous activities of our bishop aimed at advancing the diaspora, the head of the Agency wished to share the joy and satisfaction from the achievements to date and to strengthen the foundations for further, even greater cooperation. In a pleasant conversation with the Bigorski abbot, he expressed his admiration for the great work the monastery is doing with our people in the diaspora and offered his help and support for all future god-pleasing projects aimed at the spiritual and cultural prosperity of our people, both here in the country and abroad.