Festive Visit and Gift Distribution at the Bigorski Monastery, Organized by the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy

Today, in the festive lead-up to Christmas and the New Year, the esteemed Minister of Labor and Social Policy, Mrs. Jovanka Trencevska, accompanied by her staff, visited the historic Bigorski Monastery. This visit, thoughtfully organized by the Ministry, included thirty children from the “11 October” and “25 May” public institutions, accompanied by their directors, educators, and social workers.

During her official visit, Minister Trencevska met with the Elder and Abbot of the Monastery, Bishop Parthenius, who extended a warm welcome to both children and adults. He thanked the Minister for her dedicated support towards orphaned children and families in need from the Rekan region. Minister Trencevska reciprocated with gratitude for the Elder’s heartfelt hospitality and continued collaboration, particularly his selfless care for socially vulnerable families and individuals.

A focal point of the visit was the distribution of food parcels to approximately fifteen needy families, in preparation for the holiday season. This charitable gesture provided an opportunity for the recipients and local residents to engage in meaningful dialogue with the Minister, sharing their concerns and seeking further assistance.

The visit also encompassed an educational experience for the children from the orphanages, who were enlightened about the Bigorski Monastery’s rich history, vibrant life, and noble mission. Discussions with the monks about various topics of interest added to the enlightening experience. In a gracious act by Bishop Parthenius, the Monastery had prepared special gifts for each child. Minister Trencevska also presented New Year’s packages to the children and organized a delightful lunch for them at the ethno restaurant “The House of Miyaks”.