Monastic Visit to Metropolitan Timotej

On the occasion of the upcoming great jubilee of our esteemed archpastor, His Eminence Mr. Timotej – 40 years since his ordination to the episcopal service, today our elder and abbot, Bishop Mr. Partenij, accompanied by Archimandrite Mr. Dositej and sister nuns from the sisterhoods of Rajčica and Prečista, visited the Bishop at the metropolitan residence of the venerable Debar-Kičevo Diocese in Ohrid. At the heartfelt meeting, Bishop Partenij congratulated Mr. Timotej on his jubilee and on this occasion, on behalf of our brotherhood and sisterhoods, presented him with a bishop’s staff and an identical copy of the icon of Our Lord Jesus Christ from the Monastery Prečista – a representation particularly dear to our Metropolitan. Although our brotherhood and sisterhoods will be part of the main celebration of the jubilee on October 3rd this year, together with the clergy from the diocese, our Elder presented the staff and icon to grandfather Timotej as a sign of gratitude for his care for monasticism, the monasteries, and the development of church life in general. Metropolitan Timotej expressed his great gratitude for the visit and attention and sent his archpastoral blessing to our monastic communities.

Congratulations on your 40th jubilee, Holy Bishop, and may your years be numerous and healthy!