“Today Christ is Born”: A New Christmas Carol Unveils the Joy of Nativity

To our great joy, the association “Badnik Processions” has recently released the video of the Christmas carol “Christ is Born Today.”
We bring you the description from the Association and the wonderful video:

In the most joyous anticipation of tomorrow’s Badnik processions and in anticipation of the Feast of the divine Nativity of Christ, it’s time to stir your souls. It’s time to fulfill the promise and gift you the most recently revived Christmas song “Christ is Born Today,” this time dedicated to adults. We sincerely hope that they, by watching the video, will truly wish to embrace the revival of ancient Christmas traditions with which the Nativity of Christ was more devoutly celebrated.

On this occasion, allow us to express our endless gratitude to the Bigorski Monastery for their blessing and collaboration in the realization of this and all previous projects, as well as to Maestro Vladimir Dimovski for the music arrangement; to the orchestra musicians: violin – Vladimir Kostov, Elena Talevska, Petar Taseski, Gjorgina Popovska, Marija Jančuleska, Vladimir Cvetkovski, Kosta Andonovski, Branislav Avtoski, Momčilo Kufjanakis, Igor Milevski; viola – Marija Dimitrijević, Aleksandar Stojčevski, Aleksandar Laovski; cello – Kiril Josifov, Paskal Krapovski, Ljupka Mančevska Kaević; double bass – Mitko Ivanov; clarinet – Petar Hristov, qanun – Timko Čičakovski; harp: Simona Bogoevska. Conductor and synthesizer: Ivan Eminović.

The direction, editing, and production of the video were in the hands of Daniel Joveski; the song is performed by Vera Miloševska and the traditional department at DMBUC “Ilija Nikolovski – Luj,” and was recorded in “Fame’s” studio, mix – Igor Vasilev and edit – Teodora Arsovska. To all of them, immeasurable gratitude, respect, and love.

More than 80 people participated in the realization of this project, among them well-known Macedonian actors: Joana Popovska, Dubravka Kiselički, Vlado Jovanovski, Goran Ilić, Ljupčo Bojkovski, Vlado Dojčinovski. The beautiful costume design was done by Žaklina Krstevska Karagjozoska, and the makeup was handled by Viktorija Bursac and Margarita Minovski.

In addition to all the above-mentioned participants, who selflessly and with much love invested in this work, we would like to express our warmest thanks to the numerous helpers: Vladimir Anastasov, “Noah Bar,” Ohrid Municipality, Museum of the City of Ohrid, MVR Skopje, SVR Ohrid, Bakery “Žito Leb,” Hotel “Nova Riviera” with director Jane Todorovski.